Soliciting, No Knock Registry now available!

Per City of Minonk ordinance 2017-004, residents of Minonk now have the option to be added to a No Knock Registry list or they can pick up a sign from City Hall to place in their window. This is to notify Solicitors/Peddlers that they are not allowed to “knock” on your door. The list will be provided to Solicitors/Peddlers when they come in to City Hall to pay for their permit. The list handed out will not contain your name or phone number, just your address. If a resident prefers a sign to hang on their door or in their window, please make sure celexa that it’s clearly visible.

To be added to the No Knock Registry, please call City Hall at 432-2558 or email us at [email protected]. Any resident of Minonk interested in a sign will have to stop by City Hall to pick one up.

Just a reminder, if a solicitor ever stops by your home, ask to see their City Solicitor’s/Peddler’s permit first. They are required to have this with them at all times. If they do not have one, ask them to leave and contact the Minonk Police Department at 432-2341. This is the PD’s non-emergency number. However, if there is an emergency, call 911.