Additional Info on Garbage Pick-up

Residents of Minonk

This Week Only  Residential Garbage pick-up schedule by LaRose Disposal will be as follows:

Residents living East of Chestnut Street will be Friday 7/31 starting at 6 am

Residents living West of Chestnut Street will be Saturday 8/1 starting at 6 am

Next week’s pick-up schedule may vary according to weight and timeliness.

Special Note:  Unfortunately, until a new garbage contract is written, bid out, and agreed buy cheap celexa upon there will not be any pick up of Furniture, Household Appliances, etc…. 

LaRose disposal has agreed to service residential homes in Minonk once a week thru September 11, 2015 at the current rate. In the meantime the city will have a new contract written and released for qualified contractor bid process.

Thank you,

Bill Koos

Mayor of Minonk