Residential Leaf Pick Up

The City of Minonk will be initiating a residential leaf pick up program, starting the week of November 12th. The initial plan is to start on the east side of Chestnut St. before starting on the west side, hopefully by mid-week.  The following rules must be adhered to in order for leaves to be picked up:

  1. Leaves only – keep piles of brush separate from the leaves.
  2. Leaves must be placed at the edge of your property within 3 feet of the street, but not pushed into the street.
  3. DO NOT place leaves on gravel drives or parking areas. If placed on gravel they will not be picked up.
  4. DO NOT mow grass clippings/leaves into the street for pick up.

As with anything new, the schedule and process going forward will be defined and refined as crews work through the logistics and any weather-related issues. Your patience will be greatly appreciated throughout this process.