Minonk Water Bulletin

Over the past week, we have experienced a large increase in the City’s water demand leading us to believe that there may be a significant leak in the City’s water distribution system.  City Staff has been hard at work searching the City for any signs of a water main break.  A small leak was repaired today on 4th Street but we have reason to believe that a larger leak may still be present somewhere in the City.  Locating the water main break has been made much more difficult due to the recent snowfall.  Due to this reason, the City is asking for your assistance with our efforts to find and fix this issue. 

  1. Please try to conserve water when possible.  We currently are able to produce enough water to meet the higher demand, but we ask that you voluntarily limit your usage when possible.  This will help ensure we can keep the water tower full in case of a fire emergency.
  2. Please check your buy celexa online home’s plumbing for leaks as well as any vacant properties that you may own or have access to.  It is especially important to check your basement for any flooding or frozen pipes.  Please report any flooding or broken pipes to the City immediately.  If you have noticed any loss in pressure over the past few days or weeks, please contact the City.  Please check to see if your sump pump is running more than usual as well.
  3. Please check your yard for any signs of water or unusual icing as this may indicate a leak.  If you notice any of these things, please contact the City immediately. 
  4. If you see any running water or oddly melted snow while driving through town, please report these areas to the City.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter and will pass along further updates as our progress continues.  Please contact the City at 309-432-2558 with any questions or information.

Thank you,

Gary Brennan, City Administrator